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Our equipment rebuilding process is second to none in the Industry; we start by selecting good sound pieces of oilseed extraction, rendering or feed process equipment and steam clean them on arrival at our shop, next we sand blast machines to the bear metal, disassemble down to the base and check for cracks or welds in main structure, anytime we find cracks or welds the base is immediately discarded. We proceed to check for tolerances on castings and rebuilt or replace with all necessary new OEM wear parts. We check all gears and bearings replacing them with new if any of these do not have at least 70% life remaining; all seals and gaskets are replaced; main motors are rewound to customer’s electric specifications or replaced with new ones as required; guards are rebuilt o built from scratch.

Machines next are reassembled, primed, painted and tested in our shop prior to shipping.


At R&D Equipment Co. we have the knowledge and resources for any process machine especially Expeller Presses, Roller Mills, Pellet Mills or Hammer Mills. For the different applications. i.e. rendering or oilseed, full press or pre- press, our process engineers determine the best speeds, accessories, cookers-dryers-conditioners and mechanical screw press arrangement, motors horse power and make sure that the equipment will provide the highest possible performance in capacity, residual oil in cake and particle size in grinding roller or hammer mills.


Upon request we can schedule visits to our customers processing plants and help improve their operation implementing the latest technology available to utilize all or most of their existing equipment and add what is necessary or to evaluate the best possible way to increase capacity or reduce energy consumption while maintaining the highest quality possible in their fished products and complying with government regulations.


By combining New and rebuilt equipment on any project for plat expansion we help our customers reduce the total cost of the project and the investment and in many cases also help them shorten the delivery vs using all new equipment. We carry one of the largest inventories of New or good used and rebuilt equipment in the USA and for many projects this enables us to offer a complete machine or a system at a reduced delivery which translates into helping the customer with a faster installation and startup of their production lines to start recuperating their investment sooner.


Anytime we sell a piece of equipment or a complete system for any process application we offer all our customers Technical supervision on installation, Start Up Assistance and in house operator training in order for them to obtain the maximum benefit from their equipment in capacity and efficiency.


For many projects leasing is a very nice option to consider to conserve cash resources and working capital, we have access to several leasing companies who are always seriously interested in helping our equipment buyers with LEASING and will be glad to assist in this process anytime our customers request this service.