Used AS-IS Complete Mechanical Oil Extraction Plant

Used AS-IS Complete Mechanical Oil Extraction Plant

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Complete Expeller Plant for Sale

R&D Equipment Company proudly presents a complete mechanical extraction plant for sale with an estimated capacity of 200 tons per day, depending on feedstock.

Process: From the raw material bins the oilseed material is conveyed to a 2-pair hi-roller mill. From the roller mill, the material then goes to a vertical hammer mill for further particle reduction. After the hammer mill, the material goes through a series of conditioning steps, 36” cooker/drier and 14” conditioner, to remove moisture, harden proteins, and fully prepare the material for oil extraction in the expeller presses.

At the heart of this plant are 8 Anderson 33 Super Duos each with a rated capacity of approximately 1 ton/hr. The 33 Super Duo was the pioneer in mechanical screw press technology especially in the higher oil-bearing materials such as canola, sunflower, peanuts, and copra to name a few. With proper preparation, including cooking and conditioning, the Anderson Super Duos easily achieve residual oils in the 7-8% range which has made them the preferred press for full-press plants, especially on copra applications.

After the expeller presses, the oil is sent to a screening tank for first step fines removal. The fines separated at the screening tank are then metered back into the process and the oil is sent to two Shriver plate and frame filters for final filtration then bulk crude oil storage. Conversely, the expeller cake is sent to a vertical counterflow cooler where the cake is cooled down prior to being sent to a pulverizer for the final meal grind. The cooler has a filtration bag house that removes dust particles from its counterflow operation.

Assets Included in the Sale:

  1. 10x42 Langhurst “quick change” Roller Mill
  2. 2 pair hi.
  3. Langhurst was acquired by CPM Roskamp.
  4. Rietz Disintegrator
  5. 8 Anderson 33 Super Duos
  6. Include Anderson 36” Cooker/Drier and 14” Conditioner.
  7. Screening Tank
  8. 2 Shriver Plate & Frame Filters.
  9. CPM Vertical Cooler with fan and bag house.
  10. Blue Streak Pulverizer (hammer mill)