Rebuilt Anderson 33 Duo Expeller Press

Rebuilt Anderson 33 Duo Expeller Press

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Rebuilt Anderson 33 Duo Expeller Press, is used on the oilseed and rendering industries to remove vegetable oil from edible or inedible seeds and to remove fat from animal by-products. A 33 Duo Expeller is available for conventional oilseed full pressing for 10-12 TPD; extruded oilseed for 35-40 TPD with a 6-7% residual oil and rendering application for 1,000 to 2,000 Lbs/Hr. with 8-10% residual oil.


Including the following features:

· Carbon Steel Heavy Duty Construction

· Rebuilt Main Gear Case with Herringbone and Helical Gears

· Rebuilt Horizontal Main Worm Shaft

· 9” Screw Feeder

· All New Genuine Wear Parts on Horizontal Barrel Cages

· Rebuilt vertical worm shaft    

· Rebuilt T-53 Thrust Unit Rebuilt

· All bearings will be inspected and replaced as necessary.

· All Seals will be inspected and replaced.

· Rebuilt 10 HP Vertical Gearhead Drive Rebuilt

· Rebuilt 40 HP, 1800 rpm Main Horizontal Drive Motor Rebuilt

· Unit sandblasted, primed and final painted. 


* Starters and control panel are not included.


Stock Number21073
MaterialOilseed, Rendering