Sperry Plate Frame Filters

Sperry Plate Frame Filters

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New or used, we can find it for you! Filter presses offer drier cakes at lower cost than other dewatering devices. They consist of two basic components; a skeleton frame and a plate stack. Regardless of the construction or methods of control and operation, filtration is achieved by clamping the plates together and pumping slurry under pressure into the cavities formed between the closed plates. Filter media lines the chambers and captures solids while permitting clarified liquid to pass through. Filtration proceeds until the cavity is filled with cake or a preset pressure is reached. By unclamping and shifting the plates, the cake drops from the cavities and the filter is ready to repeat the operation. Filtration rate is dependent on feed pressure, thickness of the cake, slurry temperature and viscosity, nature of the cake solids, and filter media.


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