Anderson Wet Extruders – EEC (Expander-Extruder-Cooker)

Anderson Wet Extruders – EEC (Expander-Extruder-Cooker)

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New or used, we can find it for you! The Anderson Expander-Extruder-Cooker is the “All-in-One” machine. Dry material is fed directly into the Expander-Extruder-Cooker by means of a variable speed feeder which maintains a constant feed rate. The dry feed is mixed with water injected directly into the barrel. The unique interrupted worm flight design blends the material and water into a homogeneous mass. Heat is put into the material by the frictional work of the screw against the material. Cooking takes place as the product is conveyed down the barrel. Steam is then injected to complete the cooking action and when necessary, adjust the moisture content. A wide variety of end product sizes and shapes are possible through a choice of die plates and cutters. Whether you process Animal Feeds, Pet foods or Aquatic Feeds, the Anderson Expander-Extruder-Cooker will provide the quality of product at the most cost effective means.


Stock NumberN009104
MaterialAnimal Feed, Oilseed