Kice Rotex Jatropha Dehulling Equip

Kice Rotex Jatropha Dehulling Equip

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New or used, we can find it for you! This System removes efficiently hulls from previously cracked oilseeds in order to process only “meats” and improving oil yield as well as the life of the internal parts installed on presses and expanders such as main worms shafts, drainage bars, etc. Dehulling is achieved by using Multi-Aspirators® which uses air to classify materials by size and density and are connected with high efficiency centrifugal fans, cyclone collectors and rotary airlocks. There are simple designs having primary aspiration only or complex systems including Rotex screener and secondary aspiration when dehulling exigencies are high.


ManufacturerKice Rotex
Stock NumberN009100