Desmet Solvent Extractors

Desmet Solvent Extractors

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New or used, we can find it for you! Solvent extractors are used extensively on the oilseed industry to remove 99% or more vegetable crude oil from seeds or beans such as canola, cottonseed, soybeans, sunflower, safflower, rapeseed, and many others, using solvent (hexane) as the vehicle to extract the oil from these seeds, there are 2 different design for the extractors such as roto-cell and continuous loop style depending on production capacity. Peripheral equipment is required to complete the plant such as DTDC (Desolventizer-Toaster-Dryer-Cooler), Hexane recovery system (Distillation System), pumps, heat exchangers and many others. Capacity ranges could be from 250 MTPD up to 3000 MTPD.


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