AC Horn Blancher

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New or used, we can find it for you! The Split nut blancher removes the skins & hearts from dried or fully roasted peanuts for the smoothest, cleanest nuts possible. You can choose between up to 2,000 pounds per hour or 5,000 pounds per hour of roasted or dried peanuts. The product can be blanched free of meal & with less shrinkage than any other blancher on the market with a simple and reliable operation. The blanchers first split the nuts & remove the skins; the hearts are then removed from the halves. Screening separated the halves from the hearts, and aspiration totally removes the skins from the process. Dependable features like trouble-free adjustable feed hopper & a dual-aspiration system allow you to process nuts for peanut butter, candy and similar products with maximum efficiency.


ManufacturerAC Horn
Stock NumberN009050