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Used, European Design Deodorizing System for 25-50 MTPD

Complete System for Bleaching, Neutralizing and Deodorizing available for immediate inspection/delivery, consisting of:

- Steam Generator: 300BHP Graioni Firetube Boiler @ 200 PSIG, Type NG 5000, with burner for diesel #2 @ 5000 kg/hr of steam. Also includes a deaerator tank and vertical grundfos pumps.
- Batch Bleacher / Neutralizer: with caustic soda addition system, agitator shaft with paddles, steam coils, vacuum ejector and LFC Lochem BV Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter Type MVDCD 1225/1250/30/15.
- Deodorizing Unit: Seghers, Volume 20950 liters, Equirepsa Technologia De Vacio, build in Spain, Model EJ.Z-28, free fatty acid recovery and vacuum ejector with condenser.
- Also Includes: Crude Oil Heel Tank, Bleaching Earth Hopper, Vacuum Tank De Smet 841-A, Soap stock storage tank, Lot of structures, platforms and supports.





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